What we do

Capacity development

  • Knowledge centre on CBR and disability inclusive development for the Liliane Foundation
  • Provision of regular and tailor-made courses and training programmes in CBR, DID and advocacy
  • Design and implementation of long-term capacity building programmes for organisations and Government bodies
  • Curriculum development of national diploma courses in CBR and disability inclusive development
  • Advising (I)NGOs and governments
  • Institutional development of the disability sector at local and national levels
  • Provision of support to organizing conferences
  • Support and supervise under- and post-graduate students


  • Evaluations of disability related projects and programmes
  • Applied disability research 


  • Online resources, including e-learning modules
  • Publications
  • Flashcards
  • Mobile applications 

This website, as well as the software "behind the scenes" is accessible for blind and visually impaired people.