Diploma Courses

1-Year Diploma Course in CBR

In June 2014 the first batch of students graduated from the 1-year Diploma Course in CBR at the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) of East-Timor. In partnership with the Asociasaun Defisiensia Timor-Leste (ADTL) and the UNTL, Enablement developed 12 teaching modules including facilitators and students guides. Interesting aspect of the concept is that the students have one week of study at the University each month, followed by 3 weeks of practice in the field. The programme was funded by AusAid, the EU and TLMI.

Graduation 1-year CBR Diploma Course East Timor

2-Year Diploma Course in CBR

Enablement and CREATE South Africa designed a 2-year diploma course in CBR at the in collaboration with the Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation of the University of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. This programme that was funded by NLR in The Netherlands as well as a number of other international NGOs active in the field of disability in Nigeria. The design of the diploma course that set off in March 2014 is closely related to our contribution to the development of an integral system of rehabilitation services in Nigeria, including the establishment of a Disability Rights Commission in Plateau State, dedicated to fostering disability inclusive development in Plateau State.