Advocacy for Disability Rights Course

The Advocacy for Disability Rights course is designed by Enablement in collaboration with the Liliane Foundation. The aim of the course is to strengthen the effectiveness of lobby and advocacy at a community level. Lobby and advocacy are often understood as national or international strategies that ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are promoted and protected. However, almost all community based organisations, faith-based organisations and local NGOs are confronted with disability rights violations at an individual or community level. Advocacy efforts to address these injustices can only be effective if they are strategically planned and performed, whereby local solutions are proposed to local problems, thus preventing them from affecting larger groups of people.

The 5-day course consists of range of participatory assignments, thereby making use of case studies and documentaries, and following the 7-step ADVOCATE acronym. A 10-day training of trainers’ course is available dedicated to certify trainers to facilitate this course.


Girl with amputated hand in class
Source: Henk Braam, Liliane Foundation

The ADRC course is currently
only offered as in-company course. For inquiries please contact

Download the report of the
pilot ADRC course
held from
28 November to 2 December
2016 in Tanzania.